Maria Castillo, County Appraiser

Maria Castillo 300
"I want taxpayers to know that we are here to be a resource for them, to educate them on issues that affect them and offer any assistance we can."
In 1996, Maria began working in the Finney County Appraiser's Office. She started in the personal property department and worked her way up to Deputy Appraiser before she was appointed as the County Appraiser.

Although it's not an elected position, the County Appraiser is also not a traditionally hired position. The County Commission appointed Maria in 2012 when the previous appraiser retired. She finished that term and started her first four-year term in 2013. The Commission voted to reappoint Maria again in 2017, and she'll be up for re-appointment in 2021.

As head of the department, Maria supervises 10 employees to ensure every property in Finney County is valued, deadlines are met, and laws are followed. Throughout all this, Maria's goals are to keep the staff smiling and the department running as efficiently as possible.
"My favorite thing about living in Finney County is the options to pursue your career and education. It's a small community to get to know people yet you can still enjoy a big city lifestyle. It's the best of both worlds."