Department of Corrections

Katrina Pollet, Executive Director

Katrina Pollet 300
"Living in Finney County makes me happy. I like working with other agencies whose mission is to help people. People are friendly and there's so much to do!"
Katrina started her career with Finney County in 2011.

As Executive Director for the Department of Corrections, Katrina supervises the Juvenile Detention Center, Community Corrections, and Youth Services. She is Finney County's representative for all corrections-related issues to outside governments and the criminal justice system at the local, regional, state, and national levels. She writes grants, acts as the department's liaison to the County Commissioners and other advisory boards, and works to ensure goals and directives are measurable, attainable, and beneficial to the clients.

Katrina seeks to lead her department in their vision to empower change in each and every client through innovative and efficient programs, as well as holds an expectation of her staff to treat and see each client as the person they are, not as the crime they committed.

"My favorite thing about working for Finney County is the people around me - the laughter, the collaboration, and the shared desire to help people."