Duties & Responsibilities

The county clerk is responsible for a wide range of duties as specified by Kansas State Statutes. Some of these duties include:

  • Serves as Secretary to the Board of County Commissioners; attends commissioner meetings, prepares and posts agendas and keeps meeting minutes, and maintains proceedings of commissioners' meeting, including all contracts and agreements entered into by the county
  • Receives and compiles all budgets submitted by county entities, the city, and the school district, as well as presents the budget to county commissioners for consideration and revisions
  • Compiles, calculates, and prepares tax levies
  • Prepares real estate, personal property, state-assessed tax roll, and certifies to the county treasurer
  • Maintains real estate transfer records
  • Prepares the county's annual financial report and quarterly financial reports
  • Accumulates and files a bond indebtedness report for all taxing entities in the county
  • Serves as the county Election Officer; carries out all elections and certifies to the secretary of state, maintains voter database, accepts filings for public office, and keeps financial statements of expenses from county, city, and school district candidates
  • Administers accounts payable for all county departments and receives all claims filed against the county
  • Retrieves and balances Motor Vehicle Tax then interfaces distributions to county treasurer
  • Serves as the county Freedom of Information Officer
  • Maintains inventories, fixed assets, and long range plans
  • Provides assistance to county residents in preparing Homestead Property Tax Refund applications for the Kansas Department of Revenue
  • Issues Cereal Malt Beverage Licenses to establishments outside city limits