In Corn and Milo

General Treatment Info

Bur-ragweed may be treated in milo when the milo is in the three to five leaf stage, but before the milo is 15 inches tall with.5-pint Dicamba (Banvel) to suppress the weed during the growing season. Use drop nozzles if the milo is over eight inches tall to keep the herbicide out of the whorl.

Bur-ragweed may be treated in corn when the corn is emerged through the fifth leaf stage or is eight inches tall (whichever comes first) with one pint of Dicamba per acre. Use only.5-pint of Dicamba per acre if the corn is over eight inches tall. Do not spray if the corn is over 36 inches tall or within 15 days of tassel. Use drop nozzles if the corn is over 12 inches tall.

Between cropping, treat bur-ragweed after the fall harvest with a tankmix of.5-1 pint of Dicamba with one Number 2,4-D per acre just before or just after the first frost. Use at least 20 gallons of water per acre or use a high rate of surfactant in the tankmix. A.5-pint rate of Tordon 22K or Outpost 22K tankmixed with one Number 2,4-D may be used in the late fall if the milo is to be planted on the acres following spring or if acres are going to be fallow the next summer and then planted to winter wheat.

Surfactant use at high rates improve control substantially.

Tordon 22K and Outpost 22K are restricted use herbicides. Read all labels before application.