Substance Abuse Treatment

Program Objective

Substance abuse treatment programs are designed to address active users and abusers of alcohol and illicit drugs. Youth served under these programs have shown a substance abusing behavioral pattern that could lead to drug dependence.

Cannabis Youth Treatment

The Cannabis Youth Treatment (CYT) program is a research-based program that works with marijuana users / abusers to help reduce their dependence. The program utilizes cognitive-behavioral therapy to teach social skills and alternative lifestyle with these youth.

Pathways to Self-Discovery

This program helps clients to gain freedom and strength by learning how to control the most important part of their mind; their own thoughts. Thoughts about themselves, the world around them, and the feelings that come from those thoughts, decide their behavior and actions. The program is designed to provide them with the knowledge and skills to become clear about how people and situations affect them and to gain control over their own thoughts and feelings. It is then possible to change and adjust their actions.