Substance Abuse Services

About our Outpatient Treatment Program
Youth Services is a State Licensed Outpatient Treatment Program which utilizes research-based techniques to confront the debilitating problem of adolescent substance abuse. Youth Services focuses programs on the unique issues involved with adolescent substance abuse prevention and treatment along with behavioral changing classes.

Core Services
The State of Kansas has mandated that all Judicial Districts offer Core Services, which include Custodial Case Management, Juvenile Intake and Assessment, and Juvenile Intensive Supervision of juvenile offenders placed in the custody of the Commissioner of Juvenile Justice. These three programs provide consistent processing of juvenile offenders across the State.

Service Goals

  • To promote public safety
  • To restore the victim
  • To rehabilitate the offender
  • To offer pro-social activities to offenders in the community

Substance Abuse Prevention
Drug / Alcohol Prevention (DAP) offers information on the dangers of substance usage, the laws regarding adolescent substance usage, and refusal skills to help the adolescent avoid the peer pressure to experiment with drugs and alcohol.
Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse Treatment
Youth served under these programs have shown a substance abusing behavioral pattern that could lead to drug dependence. These programs are designed to address active users and abusers of alcohol and illicit drugs.
Substance Abuse Treatment