Main Exhibit Hall 

Displayed in the museum's Main Exhibit Hall features some of the Museum's long-term exhibits, as well as other revolving exhibits that change periodically and address topics of local and regional interest. 

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Long-Term Exhibits include:

Take Stock in Finney County - This exhibit showcases the development of the cattle industry in the area, including the beef packing industry and irrigation

C.J. "Buffalo" Jones: Last of the Plainsmen - This exhibit chronicles the life of Garden City's most flamboyant founding father

19th-Century Kitchen - Take a peek inside a functioning kitchen from the late 1800's. The kitchen was re-created using actual artifacts including a stove, ice box, kitchen utensils, and other devices.

Santa Fe Trail - This exhibit uses photographs, maps, and artifacts to explain the history and inception of the Santa Fe Trail and its connections to Southwest Kansas.

Finney County Agriculture - Get a picture of early farming in Finney County through photographs and artifacts.

Small photo exhibits - See photos of historic weather events in Finney County, including the blizzard of 1957, the flood of 1965, and the tornado of 1967. 

Temporary Gallery 

The Temporary Gallery features one major exhibit that changes approximately two to four years. 

Opened January 2018: "True Crime, Solving Notorious Cases from Finney County's History" 

Spirit of the Plains Gallery

This long-term exhibit portrays the history of the Southwest Kansas plains.

Front Door Gallery

This gallery, prominently located at the Museum's main entrance, changes roughly six times a year, or every two months, and features smaller, local exhibits. 

Dress-Up Room

Play dress-up for a moment in time.  Try on men's or women's clothing and snap a selfie in a replica guest room of the Windsor Hotel.  

Celebrate Kansas

For children (and children at heart), this room is where you can get hands on and create your own 'exhibit'. Check out a box of Legos from the front desk and build your own Kansas icon, such as a sunflower, a buffalo, or a bumblebee. The Museum may even leave your masterpiece on display for a while!


Inquire with the Museum Office to schedule a tour through any of the historical buildings located around the Museum's grounds.

William  D. and Luticia Fulton House - located southwest of the Museum, in Lee Richardson Zoo, this house is open for viewing in June, July, and August on Saturdays and Sundays from 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. You can inquire about scheduling tours throughout the rest of the year.

Pleasant Valley One-Room Schoolhouse - built circa 1890.

Charming flower and herb gardens - replicate plantings from the late 1800's.