County Financial Officer

The County Treasurer's Office serves as the conduit for the County's financial transactions. Real Estate and Personal Property Taxes, as well as Motor Vehicle Tag Renewal taxes and fees, are all paid at the Treasurer's Office.

Services and Information Provided

In addition to being the County's Financial Officer, the County Treasurer's Office provides a multitude of services and information such as Property Tax Information, Motor Vehicle Registration, and Vehicle Title changes. The County Treasurer is an elected official and serves a four-year term.


New Tax Statement FAQs

Why am I seeing a new statement? 

Finney County made a few changes in 2019 to increase efficiency and cost savings. We changed local banks and began using a new tax administration software. This resulted in a slight change to some of the information, as well as the way the statement appears. 

Why does my payment go to Kansas City, Missouri?

Our new bank's mail processing center is located in Kansas City, so your payments must be sent there. Our local bank is providing us this service, so all your tax dollars stay in Finney County. Their mailing process increases efficiency in processing mail, so we will actually receive your payment faster. 

Can I still pay my taxes in person?

Yes! You can still pay your taxes in person in the Treasurer's Office by cash, check, money order, electronic check, debit, or credit card. Fees may apply. 

Can I still pay my taxes online?

Yes! You can pay your taxes through the State of Kansas online portal. Links are available from this webpage, in the left-hand menu.  

What does the new tax statement look like?

New Tax Statement Image (2019)