Storm Shelters

Businesses, churches, and neighborhoods in our community have offered their establishments as places of refuge during severe weather. These public places may be opened on an as-needed basis and utilized by the public. 

Anyone seeking shelter at these places of refuge is responsible for ensuring their own travel. Finney County does not guarantee personal safety for those utilizing a recognized place of refuge. 

All establishments operate on a space-available basis. The public is encouraged to make private arrangements for sheltering needs and to monitor weather alert systems for situational awareness of ongoing conditions. 

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Storm Spotter Training

The National Weather Service in Dodge City provides storm identification/spotter training sessions each spring. These sessions are done in cooperation with county Emergency Management agencies across the area. All training is free, is open for anyone to attend, and is not designed for just storm spotters. Anyone with a desire to learn how to identify severe weather and to learn about the dangers from these storms is encouraged to attend.

To stay informed about training sessions dates and times, contact Emergency Management or follow us on Facebook.

Tornado Sirens FYI

Please keep in mind, the tornado sirens are not intended to warn of impending weather. They are a means to notify those who may be outside that it is time to seek shelter. To stay informed about impending weather events, get connected with Alert Sense.