Kelly Drees, County Treasurer

Kelly Drees 300
"My favorite part about living and working in Finney County is the celebration of our differences. No two people in my office have the same story and all our different perspectives is what makes it successful."
Kelly was born and raised in Garden City, earned her accounting degree from Kansas State University, and moved back to Finney County after graduation. She spent seven years as a Certified Public Accountant for local, private accounting firms. In 2016, Kelly ran for County Treasurer to pursue her passion for public service and local government. She plans to run for County Treasurer again in 2020, after her first four-year term. 

Kelly supervises a team of nine staff members in the Treasurer's Office and Motor Vehicle Department. Her goal as Treasurer is to help the County be as financially responsible as possible by keeping the Commissioners and employees informed about the County's financial situation. She plans to report monthly or quarterly, help hold the departments accountable to ensure expenses are accurate, and help the departments understand the needs of our community.

"The way to create room for growth is by staying fiscally responsible and making sure the taxpayers' money is always put to good use."

Kelly also serves on the YMCA Board of Directors. She wants to see more programs develop in the community for the youth and those in need.

Although Kelly never expected to love living on a farm as much as she does, she and her husband, a local farmer, look forward to raising their kids here in Finney County because of the opportunities and experiences they will have.