Prevention Program Benefits

Why the Prevention Program is Needed

All too many times youth can slip through the cracks of the vast social service system. We feel that by providing prevention initiatives, educational presentations, and immediate consequences, we can curb and prevent further negative behaviors in our youth today. We truly believe in the context of the saying, “It takes a whole community to raise a child,” and we feel with the communities’ help, together we can make a difference, not only in the lives of children, but also in our communities.

Positive Impact on Families

We expect, and have already experienced, many families who have expressed their appreciation of our program. Our agency is able to relate to, and alleviate some of the family crisis issues occurring in families. Our program assesses youth and families and refers them to the appropriate community-based service that will address the identified problem behaviors. Further parenting instruction, support, and skill building aid parents with positive and productive results in changing negative behaviors of youth in the home.

Increase in Parenting Skills

Reduction in negative behaviors and an increase in parenting skills minimize turmoil as well. Parents, children, and other agencies will understand how the juvenile justice system works, what resources are available, and alternative immediate interventions which can curb problem behaviors before the child is entered into the juvenile justice system.