Los Ninos Parenting Class

Program Objective
The Los Ninos Bien Educados is a program that is especially tailored for Hispanic parents, however, we have had great success with all parents. The program presents a variety of methods on how to raise your child.

Methods on How to Raise Your Child
  • First and then method
  • Ignore method
  • Point system
  • Show and tell
  • Talks about the law and the rights of the child and the parent
  • How to deal with aggressive behavior
  • The importance of having family talks
  • Learning how to listen

When Classes are Held
The class is 12 weeks in length with sessions lasting approximately 2 1/2  hours.  A certificate and letter are given to participants at the completion of class. The classes are free to all parents and do not need to have youth in one of our programs to attend this.