Youth Alternative Group

About this Group

In this day and age we seem to often over look many of the values that we were raised with as children and many youth of today are not exposed to these values. That in a nut shell is what this Group is about.

Traditional View on Life

We have the rare opportunity to have a youth pastor donate his time to come and talk to kids about the alternative that they have in life, on a weekly basis. Pastor Gary Ridge teaches a traditional view on life to these youth. Many are gang members and are involved is some very dangerous activities away from our office. Many of these youth feel that they have no other direction to go in life but a life of crime.

Options to a Better Life

Pastor Ridge teaches the youth that they always have options and shows them some of these options in a non-denominational setting. This has actually turned out to be one of the more popular groups based off voluntary attendance. We average 10 to 14 youth per week that participate.