Engineering Division


The Finney County Department of Public Works-Engineering Division provides engineering, drafting, construction specifications, plan review and development, construction inspection related to county road, bridge and drainage projects.

This division also maintains county road right of way and bridge inspection records, conducts traffic studies, and provides planning support for the road and bridge construction Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

Information Requests

Minimum standards for subdivision roads are available by contacting the Public Works Office. Please contact the City of Garden City Neighborhood Development Office regarding subdivision of land and development planning.

Original road records and right of way information filed in the Public Works Office are available for reviewing and copying.

Section corner ties are required to be filed with the County Engineer's office. Section corner ties, old surveys, recorded subdivision plats and benchmark elevations are available for viewing and copying.

Emergency 9-1-1 Addressing

The Engineering division also controls the establishment and assignment of the Countywide Emergency 9-1-1 addresses. This is where you obtain your assigned County address. The Cities of Garden City and Holcomb are responsible for addressing within their respected City limits.

Sign Department

The Engineering division provides oversight to the sign department. The Sign Department's duties include the maintenance and installation of all the signage in the County. Along with sign maintenance, they provide traffic control for the Road and Bridge Construction crew to ensure the crew and traveling public are kept safe in construction zones.