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  1. COVID Relief (CARES/SPARK) Grant - MOU Submission

    Use this form to submit your filled and signed MOU to Finney County

  1. Media List Request

    If you are a member of the media, you may complete and submit this form to be placed on our media contacts list.


  1. Diversion Application

    Diversion of Prosecution is a privilege and NOT a RIGHT. There is no presumption in favor of Diversion in any case, and the burden of... More…

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Public Works

  1. Utility Permit

    Utility Permit is required for any work in County Road Right-of-Ways.

  1. Work Request Form

Register of Deeds

  1. RMIS Instrument Search Agreement

    Agreement needed in order to be granted access to the Online- documents filed 1990 to present day.

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  1. Submit a Photo

    Submit a photo you think we would love.

Website Committee

  1. Website Feedback

    Use this form to provide feedback on any website issues