How do I get an entrance / culvert?
A request for an entrance / culvert can be made by emailing the Work Request, Suggestions, or Comments or by calling the Public Works Office at (620) 272-3564. Please mark the desired location of the entrance / culvert and leave a name and phone number of a contact person.

Public Services will furnish and install the first entrance culvert to any tract of property adjacent to a County road. The standard length of the first culvert shall be 30 feet in length and the diameter of the pipe will be sized by the office of the County Engineer. The property owner shall be responsible for paying for any culvert length over the standard 30 feet and any additional entrance culverts to serve the same tract of property. Any additional entrances or length of culverts requested shall be installed by Finney County and the anticipated cost of which shall be made in advance by the owner prior to any installation.

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1. How do I get an entrance / culvert?
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