Services Provided

Patrol is responsible for preventing crime and maintaining peace throughout the County. As part of routine patrol, the deputies check suspicious incidents and persons, conduct criminal investigations, work with juveniles, respond to and investigate traffic accidents, as well as handle many other situations as they occur.

Administrative Staff

The Patrol Division consists of four sergeants, four corporals and 12 deputies who are under the administration of Captain Jeff Steele. Two of the deputies assigned to patrol are also assigned to the K-9 Unit.

Severe Weather

The deputies must be knowledgeable of the citizens' needs and be prepared to assist at any time. Due to the area in which we are located, deputies are extensively involved in monitoring severe weather formation and activity. Training is provided by Finney County Emergency Management and National Weather Service Office in Dodge City, KS. Being called to duty as a storm spotter is quite common during the summer months.