Receive Aid and Support

If you are in isolation or quarantine due to a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 or instruction from the Finney County Health Department to self-isolate, aid and support is available. 

To receive aid and support, contact the Finney County Coronavirus COVID-19 Hotline at (620) 272-3600.  

Non-perishable household items

If you’re in need of household items, and are unable to leave your home due to quarantine or self-isolation, we can deliver select items to your doorstep.

Perishable and non-perishable food and meals 

If you or your family is quarantined or self-isolating, or if you were laid off due to businesses limiting staffing at their facilities, and you need food and meals, our team of volunteers can safely deliver food and meals to your doorstep.

Pet food/supplies

Are you unable to get pet food and supplies due to quarantine or self-isolation? Our volunteers will deliver pet food/supplies to ensure your pets are taken care of during this time.


Do you needs books to keep you or your kids occupied while in self-isolation or quarantine? Finney County Public Library has a selection of fiction, non-fiction, and kids books to deliver to your doorstep.

Children’s art supplies

If your children aren’t able to access their school supplies because buildings are closed, Garden City Arts wants to provide your children with art supplies. Garden City Arts will broadcast art projects on Facebook that utilize the supplies in the bags so your children can get creative and put the supplies to good use.


Are you in quarantine or self-isolation? Do you need someone to pray with you or talk to help you process this pandemic? Do you want a phone or video call from someone who just wants to check-in and see how you’re doing? Our volunteers would love to give you a call.