Public Works

Roger Calkins, Director of Public Works

Roger Calkins 200
"Working for Finney County gives me the opportunity to be involved in its growth, and that's exciting. We as employees are fortunate to have an administration and Commission that are looking forward."
In 2015, Roger started working for Finney County as the director of the Road and Bridge division, and shortly thereafter he added Director of Public Works to his title.

While Roger may be slightly more hands on with Road & Bridge, as he directly supervises all 35 staff in that division, he oversees the remaining divisions of Public Works as well, including Noxious Weed, and he works closely with the County Engineer on just about everything in the department.

"My goal is to ensure that the departments I lead continue to look forward. I don't want us to get stuck in a rut, but rather, that we would always stay on the cutting edge, whatever that happens to be."

John Ellermann, County Engineer

John Ellermann 300
"My goal is to make sure citizens are safe as they travel through Finney County, and that they have working utilities and services."
John began his career with Finney County as the Assistant County Engineer in 1996.

In 2004, John became the County Engineer, and worked simultaneously as the Director of Public Works until 2015.

John manages three of the Public Works divisions - Utilities, Traffic Control/Signing, and Engineering. He supervises five county employees, writes and approves plans for projects, oversees project bids and inspections, and he also conducts inspections in the field.

"My favorite part about working for Finney County is the flexibility to be involved in all aspects of a project, from beginning to end. I can be where I'm needed."

During his career with the County, John's biggest accomplishments include the rehabilitation of the Pierceville Bridge, the replacement of the Holcomb Bridge, reconstruction of Main Street in Holcomb, and the reconstruction of the Public Works building. While John feels proud to have been involved in seeing these projects through to completion, he looks forward to being a part of future growth in Finney County as well. 

Robert Boyd, Noxious Weed Director

Robert Boyd 300

"I want to maintain high morale and low turnover rates. I want our employees to be happy in their jobs, so I try to keep this environment stress-free."
Robert began his career with Finney County in 1995, working in the Noxious Weed department. In 2016, Robert was promoted to his current position.

While Robert runs the general operations of the department, he works right alongside the two employees he supervises. He sprays weeds, trims trees, clears streets in the snow, and even handles the chemical sales and reception desk when necessary.

"This is a good job, with good benefits, in a good place to live. There is a lot of growth in Finney County."