Health Department

Colleen Drees, Health Department Director

Colleen Drees 200
"My favorite thing about working for Finney County is the variety in my job. Every day is different, and I think that variety is instrumental to job satisfaction."
Colleen joined the Finney County team in 2016 as the Director of the Health Department.

It is Colleen's job to conceive the vision for the clinical and clerical direction of the department. This includes preparing the annual budget and presenting her requests to the Commission, sending financial status reports to the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, constructing grant applications, and generally managing the 26 employees both in the Health Department and Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) division.
"My vision for the Health Department is that we would be a force in filling the healthcare gap in Finney County. We're not just here for the underserved in our community, we're here for everyone."

Within her two years as director, Colleen successfully implemented the electronic record-keeping system, after it had been unable to gain traction for several years prior. 

Colleen welcomes you to contact the Health Department if you ever have any questions or concerns.