Emergency Management and Safety

Gilbert Valerio, Director of Emergency Management

Gilbert Valerio 200
"My favorite thing about living in Finney County is that it's safe. It's a good place for my children to grow up, and I don't have to worry about them playing outside. Finney County is just the right size."
Gilbert is originally from Swink, Colorado and moved to Finney County in 1989. He spent three years in active duty with the U.S. Army, seven years in the National Guard, and worked 19 years as the material handling supervisor at Tyson Foods in Holcomb, KS.

In 2007, Gilbert began his career with Finney County as the assistant director of the Emergency Management department, and stepped up as director of the two-person department in 2014. As such, Gilbert is responsible for coordinating disaster preparedness for the county by organizing training, sitting on the Local Emergency Planning Committee as information officer, and assisting businesses, schools, and community groups to maintain emergency preparedness. He also holds the position of work safety coordinator, tasked with safety training for county employees and businesses, and investigation of worker's compensation claims.
"I look forward to earning my safety certification or degree in emergency management, so that we can be the best resource for preparedness in Finney County."

During his career with Finney County Emergency Management, Gilbert was able to respond to the 2016 Cimarron train derailment, and assist citizens to evacuate from a bomb threat at the Garden City train station in 2012. 

In his spare time, Gilbert spent two weeks volunteering with the Red Cross in Houston, Texas during Hurricane Harvey. He's been a Red Cross volunteer since 2007. He also enjoys bowling and taking walks around his neighborhood with his family.