Randall Partington, County Administrator

Randall Partington 200
"I want Finney County to be an innovative and professional local government that provides good services to our citizens and always looks to the future."

Randy started with Finney County in 2007 as the Human Resources Director and the Assistant County Administrator. 

He was appointed to his current position by the County Commission in 2010. 

It is Randy's job to oversee the general governmental affairs of the County, and ensure that direction from the Commission is carried out across the departments. This includes proposing new policies, managing changes in the organization, hiring personnel, developing and coordinating the budget, and creating a strategic plan for all County operations. 

He directly supervises nine department directors and supports five elected officials in reaching the common goals of the County. His biggest accomplishments include helping to oversee the formation of the  Finney County Community Services Center, passing beneficial, countywide sales tax, and watching his fellow department directors grow as leaders. 

"My favorite thing about Finney County is that we're a growth-oriented organization and community. It's nice to live in a place that is growing and stays progressive."