District 5 - Larry C. Jones

Larry Jones 300
"I view myself as the voice of the rural taxpayer, since that's the major part of my district. But the main thing is to be responsible with all taxpayers' money. We're in the service business."
Larry first found himself on the Board of County Commissioners when he was asked to finish out the term for another representative. Having previously served on the USD 363 School Board for twelve years, Larry is no stranger to public service and has a vested interest in the county as a lifelong resident. 
"You have to like doing the work. It takes a lot of your time, attending all the meetings throughout the week - there's always something going on. But I really enjoy doing the work because I see our successes over the years continue to grow Finney County."
Larry has served two more terms since he first took over for District 5, and he's up for re-election in 2018. With large projects coming down the road, he may run again but he is more than happy to step aside and see someone else who really wants the job.
"I believe there's always a need for fresh ideas."

Although Larry keeps pretty busy with his private business and his family, he invites anyone who has an issue to email or call his office.

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