District 4 - William S. Clifford, MD

William Clifford MD 300
"My favorite thing about Finney County is the creative energy here. I think people want to improve their quality of life and provide a safe community to hand down to our children. It's been refreshing to see the dedication of Finney County employees in their service to the citizens."
Commissioner Clifford, or Bill, as he'll ask you to call him, was elected to the Commission in 2014 and he plans to run again in 2018 for a second four-year term.
"I think local government is uniquely positioned to accomplish certain things, and I ran for County Commission to see these things through."
Bill wants to see specific road projects completed, improvements to trails and bypasses, and further development in connections throughout the community. But overall, his personal goal is to ensure services are provided in the most efficient way possible, while representing the interests of the citizens and taxpayers.

Previous to the County Commission, Bill served on the Garden City Community College Board of Trustees for three four-year terms. 

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