District 2 - Dave Jones

Dave Jones 300
"I hope that I am helping to make up part of the chemistry of different backgrounds and perspectives that makes the Commission successful."
Harold David Jones, or "just Dave" as he prefers, was born and raised on a family homestead in Thomas County, Kansas. It was there that he attended his first eight years of school in a one-room country school!

In 1980, Dave moved to Finney County while working as a Kansas Highway Patrol Officer. He retired as Troop Commander in 1994 and became the Finney County Emergency Management and Work Safety Coordinator. Upon formal retirement in 2006, after his 42-year career in public service, Dave ran for the County Commission in 2007 so that he could stay involved in the community.

He is currently serving his third four-year term.

The two groups Dave set out to impact the most through his role on the Commission are the youth and the senior citizens. He wants to ensure programs like 4-H and resources like the Senior Center and the Library continue to thrive.
"My favorite thing about working for Finney County is the collective attitude. We have a unique relationship with the city governments and these collaborative efforts develop unique partnerships, both in the public and private sectors. People are just willing to help people."

Dave has two adult children and three grandchildren. He enjoys woodworking in his spare time. 

Dave is up for re-election in 2020 but he hopes to see "somebody much younger" step forward and say they'd like to serve. 

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