Online Searching Subscriptions

*****Our online subscriptions appear to be working. If you experience any issues viewing images, please contact our office at 620-272-3520.***** 

To gain access to one, or both of these services, an agreement must be signed and submitted along with the fee. Each service allows the users to make any number of copies. For fee information, the agreements, and instructions for these services, please see each section below. The agreements may be printed and submitted, or electronically submitted. Service will commence upon receipt of payment.

***Credit card by phone now available***

Payments may be made over the phone via credit card during normal business hours. Call (620) 272-3520, Monday-Friday 8am- 5pm CDT (excluding some holidays)

Document Management System

Document Management System (DMS Web) allows access to documents filed from around 1990 to present day. This program is searchable by book/page, name, document type, date, and legal description. It also allows reports to be printed in this time frame based on the criteria above and can be used to complete the timeline after the last date on index sheets.


Yearly fee of $360          Half year fee of $210          Quarterly fee of $120

Image Inquiry

Image Inquiry (Old Books) allows access to documents filed from patent until around the end of 1989. This program is ONLY searchable by book and page. It also allows access to the subdivision plats and index pages (from patent to within the last few years).

***Please note- If a letter is used as a "book or volume" instead of a number, please refer to the "Old Books Key." (ex. book/volume A page 23)


Yearly fee of $600          Half year fee of $300          Quarterly fee of $150.