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Welcome to the Finney County Appraisal Office 


To provide uniform, fair and equitable values among all classes of property by maintaining the highest standards in appraisal practices and law, guided by the goals of quality customer service to the public, while providing a work environment that encourages staff's professional and personal growth.


To be a recognized leader for providing fair and equitable mass appraisals of both real and personal property, along with providing accurate and comprehensive information to the citizens and taxpayers of Finney County in a preeminently accountable, effective, and efficient manner.

Real Estate Appraisers

An appraisal is a method established by Kansas statute to determine a property owner's share of taxes that support schools, roads, health and human service programs, parks, and police and fire protection. The County Appraiser is responsible for discovering, listing, and uniformly valuing property. 

Remember, the Appraiser's Office does not set taxes. The amount you pay depends on the budgets set by your governing bodies - such as the state, county, and school districts.

Personal Property Appraisers

Remember: It is your responsibility to file this information with the County Appraiser's Office. If you own any tangible personal property with the intent to establish and/or operate a business (including home-based business), or if you own any recreational property or vehicles not taxed at the time of registration, or mobile homes not on a permanent foundation, you must file a rendition with the County Appraiser's Office.

According to Kansas Statute:

  • K.S.A. 79-303: "Every person, association, company or corporation who shall own or hold, subject to his or her control, any tangible personal property shall list the said property for assessment."
  • K.S.A. 79-301: "All tangible personal property subject to taxation shall be listed and assessed as of the first day of January of each year in the name of the owner thereof."

If you would like to report your personal property please click HERE for online reporting.

Don't forget to report your personal property for the tax year 2023 deadline of March 15th has passed to avoid a higher penalty.

Date Rendition Filed                           Penalty 

March 16 through April 15                       5% 

April 16 through May 15                         10% 

May 16 through June 15                         15% 

June 16 through July 15                          20% 

July 16 through March 14 of the following year 25% 

Failure to File Penalties: [50%] [K.S.A. 79-1422] 

CHANGES- Antiques that are title only or have a tag heavier than 12M will now be on the Finney County tax roll and therefore need to be reported. 


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