Professional Visits

Prisoners may have professional visits from their attorney, religious clergy, or other professional, via the Internet or in a secure visitation booth where the inmate and professional can speak in private about their matters. Under certain circumstances, face- to- face professional visits may take place within the confines of the jail.

Family and Friends

Prisoners will make video visits with family and friends over the Internet. Visitors must register over the Internet to access the Web Based Video Visitation System. Use the links for more information.

Visitation Allowed

Prisoners are allowed up to 20 minutes per visit. These visits are conducted via the Internet from video stations located in prisoner housing units, Jail Lobby, and from PCs at home. This system is a product of HomeWAV and allows prisoners more visits and less restrictive visitation hours. It requires less staff and less travel by visitors resulting in savings to both the visitor and general public.

Visit these links for more information.

Inmate Video Visitation Brochure (PDF)

New Visitor Registration Information (PDF)