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Canada Thistle Control
Canada Thistle in Finney County

Canada thistle occurs in Finney County as a result of migratory waterfowl bringing seeds south from infestations in Nebraska wetlands and from infested potted landscaping trees and bushes. Finney County and the Kansas Department of Agriculture regularly inspect landscape plants at the outlets to prevent sale of infested potted plants.

This noxious weed is a great threat to crops if allowed to seed and spread. Like field bindweed, it is a perennial plant and can cause similar drastic crop yield losses. Canada thistle plants are gendered, so the plants  only reproduce when other Canada thistles are nearby.


Finney County makes every effort to find and eradicate any infestation that may occur. Noxious Weed Department personnel will go to the infestation location and treat with high rates of picloram herbicide until the plant is completely eradicated.

Canada thistle has seeded in two known locations in Finney County--the lake bottom at Finney Wildlife Area and another location three miles west of Concannon Lake.


Information and brochures on Canada thistle and on thistle identification can be obtained from the Finney County Noxious Weed Department. Any suspected Canada thistle should be reported to the Department; it will be verified and treated by the Department at no charge to the landowner.

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