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Volunteers from the Community
 The Posse is part of the Patrol Division with the Patrol Lieutenant serving as a liaison to the group. The Posse is made up of volunteers from the community who wish to serve their fellow citizens. These volunteers may be maintaining other full-time employment or even be retired.

Eligibility Requirements
Posse applicants undergo a similar employment process other full-time department employees do. Once accepted they must then successfully complete nearly 150 hours of classroom instruction, and 40 hours of ride-along with a patrol deputy. They must complete 100 additional hours of intensive ride-along training before they are granted the privilege of gaining work assignments.

The Posse assists the Sheriff's Office anytime and anywhere needed. The Posse is assigned patrol duties, assists in the jail, transports prisoners, aids investigators at crime scenes, and conducts a variety of security assignments. Generally the only pay a posse member receives is from prisoner transports. There have been occasions when a member was paid to conduct patrol duties when the patrol division was extremely short handed.

Posse History
The Posse has been an invaluable asset to the Sheriff's Office since beginning in 1972. As of September, 2002 the team is made up of a captain, lieutenant, sergeant, corporal, and 17 deputies; it has a total capacity of 25 members. The captain has been with the Posse since 1974 and has logged over 6,000 hours of service. An office deputy with the Sheriff's Office acts as the Posse secretary and the departments comptroller manages the finances.

How to Join

A Posse recruit class is normally conducted every other year. If you have an interest in this group, please email us or contact the Sheriff's Office at (620) 272-3700.

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